Day 12 – Lesson No. 3 – Don’t send all you Christmas cards …

Small actions have unexpected effects – the butterfly wings flapping here and the tree falling there thingie. This year I didn’t finish getting all my Christmas cards done (and still haven’t – this bloggy blog takes all my time). It is always the cards that I want to send a letter with, that get left to last – and this year anyone who lives overseas, or at a distance in Australia, missed out. But today I had coffee with a friend Ms S. from Brisbane that I haven’t seen for ?eight years – she was in Sydney for a niece’s engagement party and rang me. Despite being flat out with family things, she made time to meet – her reasoning being that as she didn’t get a card this year, and for various reasons doesn’t send them herself, it was about time she made some contact. I should add that it always Ms S. who rings me from time to time, usually as I’m rushing out the door, and despite my intention to ring back later, the evil senior moment bug deletes the intention from my memory bank. So I think she was being a bit hard on herself. We had a great catch-up of family news and probably, for the first time ever, we didn’t mention any of the people we knew from when we worked together! That’s a hallelujah moment, as we used to reminisce about the mean and evil, nasty ones that made our lives difficult – I guess we’ve moved on – at last.

It’s been a social few days – yesterday I had lunch with Janette, of Knitting-on-the-Avenue, and two other knitting friends. They put me to shame with the knitting that kept emerging from their bags – it was like a magician’s black hat x three – how did they do it? the bags weren’t that big! – there was great discussion of fibres and patterns, their modifications to patterns and was Debbie Bliss or Kim Hargreaves the better pattern writer amongst many other topics (Janette’s patterns got a big thumbs up from Ms P. – I’m ashamed to say that I have had Janette’s book for quite some time and still haven’t knitted the jumpers on my list). When I go out and meet with friends I realise I should do it more often – it is so stimulating and ….. stimulating! I think I had too much stimulation, as when I stopped on the way home to get some moisturiser, I got carried away and bought a BRIGHT RED lipstick! You see my lips coming about 10 seconds before the rest of me. It wasn’t that bright in the shop – I’m sure they swapped the packets around (yeah, right). The woman who served me at the beauty counter was probably not much younger than me – she had the fairest, most flawless, unwrinkled skin I have ever seen on an older woman – I’ve been thinking/wondering about it, ever since, and today the word BOTOX suddenly jumped into my mind. I think she might have – I’ll have to go back and have another look with my, now, cynical eye.

I have started knitting a baby jacket for Sue at Cherryhills – it’s an Anny Blatt pattern knitted in Bambini – it’s a beautiful yarn to use – soft and elastic – it’s making my fingers itch to do a cardigan for the 10 year old little flea – the pattern I have in mind is in “Pipsqueaks” – one of the best knitting books I have – I’ve knitted so much from it and have wanted to do this cardi for some time, but have felt obliged to keep knitting up the stash and none of the yarns in the stash appeal. Guess I’ll just have to let my inner knitter free and pay another visit to Cherryhills!

It has been 40deg Celsius today, and 38 yesterday. We can’t water again until Sunday so the poor old tree ferns and bird’s nest ferns are looking very dehydrated, but it has suddenly started to thunder and look like rain – so I’m off to get the washing in.

Happy knitting.

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