Day 9 – Lesson 1: NEVER have liquid near your computer … Lesson 2: And if you must, only drink wine (or gin)

How well I remember scolding my grandbaby fleas for wanting to eat over the keyboard of the computer (I’d never do that, of course), and woe betide them if they even THOUGHT about taking a drink near it …. it’s a bit like the old “when all else fails read the instructions” … she who ignores her own advice very clumsily spilt a glass of water (yes, water – I must have had shaky hands from the alcohol withdrawal symptoms) over the keyboard of the computer last night. Surprisingly it didn’t explode in a shower of sparks, nor was I electrocuted (oh! you already guessed).

Lesson 1: NEVER have liquid near your computer – self-explanatory.
Lesson 2: And if you must, ONLY drink wine (or gin) – I’d never be that clumsy with alcohol.

So I have spent all day today trying to fix the problem. Fortunately I had a keyboard and mouse from the old computer, but the damage had been done when I tried to use the still slightly wet one this morning. Somehow I managed to delete the password from the email account’s memory and for some reason the wretched thing kept wanting it! so I couldn’t access my email. From which point I proceeded to undertake a journey that even Tolkien would have admired . I made a call to Brendan at Applecare who, after some time, referred me to Microsoft – where I spoke to Bakvin who referred me to Bigpond – where I spoke to Ari who said he couldn’t help with Macs – he only did PCs – and referred me to Krunal in another section, who insisted that the telephone account number I gave him was WRONG (despite our bills reaching us at that account for forty years or so) – and referred me to James in accounts who quickly fixed me up with a new password – which didn’t work. So – another call to Bigpond – to Ben, this time, who said I didn’t need the Mac Section (duh!) and had that naughty James told me that the new password was in CAPS (NO – or else I was so excited to think that the problem was solved that I didn’t take it in ). So many, many hours, phone calls, sittings and listenings to “hold music”, dial-ups and downs later, I can access my email.

It’s exhausting doing all that sitting and waiting.

I have tried to load photos from the old computer, but it won’t work either, so I’m thinking of changing to another blog place, but I’ll tell all you assembled thousands – who hang on my every word – where it is, when I do.

I’ve just been looking at a genealogy DNA analysis site ( – thinking very hard about it – I don’t know enough about DNA to make an assessment of whether the claims they make are reasonable, or just a money spinner for the company. When Grandpa Flea did his family history he discovered, much to everyone’s surprise, that the ancestor with aboriginal heritage had actually come to Australia from Mauritius, and was listed on the ship’s manifest as a “black serving girl”. It was before the time of indentured Indian labour, so we assume she came to Mauritius as a slave, or as the child of slaves, from Madagascar or the East coast of Africa (Mauritius had no indigenous population). But Grandpa Flea’s father maintained that she was Indian. Would DNA analysis solve the mystery?

On my side of the family, my brother has long held the view that we have some Chinese ancestry – my mother was not impressed when I asked her about it – “it would be on your father’s side!” she cried and no further discussion was allowed. Would DNA analysis solve the mystery? I often suspect that Mum knew about the convict ancestry on her side as she was very unwilling to help me when I started to look into our origins – to say that she was angry wouldn’t have been too harsh. It turned out that her grandmother was the child of convicts – but by the time I had discovered this, Mum had died . These days we all regard having a convict as a badge of honour, and love to find we have some exotic racial mix in our backgrounds, but in Mum’s day a convict ancestor would have been a source of great shame and having a non-white ancestor just wasn’t allowed.

So much for knitting – I’m off to search the internet to see if I can hold dual citizenship – my brother is convinced that because we also have German ancestry we can apply for a German passport! Yippee! I wouldn’t be an “alien” when I visit old mother England if I had an EU passport!

Happy knitting.


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