Daphne’s Tuna Toasties

When the Fleas were small I belonged to a discussion group run through Sydney University – we’d choose a topic, then each month we’d do the required reading and meet to discuss it. The designated scribe for the night would prepare a report and send it off to the tutor for comments. We covered a large range of topics over the years and had a lot of fun. But the gossip over supper generated as much discussion as the main topic. Recipes for the supper plates were discussed at length.

One night in the ‘sixties, at the home of Daphne, a member who had nine children yet always managed to prepare amazing food, we tucked into these – everyone wanted the recipe. I still prepare them from time to time – it’s “Retro Food” yet everyone still wants the recipe! I made them today for Grandpa Flea’s Probus committee meeting (all men – they love them). They disappear like magic!

1 7oz tin of tuna (well drained) (I use the closest to a 200gm tin – flaked tuna is best. I usually use the one in oil, but in brine is okay too)
Half a cup of thick mayonnaise (I use whole egg mayonnaise – S&W)
1 small onion finely chopped
Half level teaspoon of curry powder (I use more – do it to taste)
1 large loaf of square, sliced, fresh bread
Half to three quarters cup of softened butter

1) Combine tuna, mayo, onion and curry powder and mix till well blended

2) Cut crusts off bread and butter both sides (I melt the butter and use a pastry brush to coat the bread)

3) Spread the tuna mix on one side (liberally but not so much that it runs out when you roll the bread) then roll up diagonally

4)Secure with a toothpick and sprinkle with paprika (I sprinkle after they are all on the oven tray)

5)Place on an oven tray and bake in a moderately slow oven (160 – 180 deg C ) for 15 mins

6)Remove toothpicks and serve

Daphne’s tip: You can do steps 1 – 4 in advance and freeze until needed.

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