Day 14 – That Janette’s not just a pretty face …

Thank you Janette for your advice on how to load a photo – it’s nothing to do with having a Mac – being dumb is a better explanation!

So here is a photo of shawl I knitted for Flea No. 1 – modelled by her, taken on the deck at our house. It’s here to prove to myself that the upload bit works. It was knitted after a Lyn Johnson workshop. As all the interesting photos are in the old computer and I can’t copy them to the new computer, I’ll just have to start scanning things to post – but that might not be anytime soon!

I still can’t get into my blog, nor can I make comments on other blogs, unless I go through the Blogger homepage. Why? I do not know. When I try to log in anywhere it tells me that there is no user account by that name – even when I do the “recover user name” bit. I’ve emailed Blogger about it so we’ll wait and see if they return the favour.

Today we picked up the two little fleas – Ms S. and Mr N. – Ms S. is only staying for a couple of days as she has other pressing commitments back home – ah! the world of 10 year old girls (whoops! I’ve just been corrected by said 10 year old – nearly 11 YEAR OLD girls). While Mr N. who absolutely adores his Grandpa Flea is staying for the week. They are going to see “Walking with Dinosaurs” with Grandpa Flea.

Just to prove to myself that it DOES work, I’ve posted a photo of Grandpa Flea in “Sommerfulgen” a great yarn shop in Copenhagen. It is one of many yarn shop photos I have taken all over the world ( I call them ‘knitting around’).

At first this photo appeared above the first photo and all the text went strange, but I seem to have that one sorted – for the time being. Ms S. is looking over my shoulder giving me the benefit of her vast experience in computing, so I’m off – it’s way past her bedtime.

Happy knitting.

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