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Nan’s Button Box Bouquets

Prowling around the web today, I came across this site. The joy of playing in my mother’s button jar is clearly not a joy I shared alone :). If you love buttons, this is a site to delight. What a job – playing with your grandmother’s buttonsย for your work. Have a look through the gallery and in the multi media bouquets you will find a surprise – perfect for a knitter’s wedding. I would love to put a pirated photo here, but it really would be copyright infringement – sigh ….


When will I ever learn!

Yes, I did it again – went to the sale at Cherryhills – had a lovely morning and came home with enough Noro Silk Garden Lite to knit myself a cardi (because I saw someone there, about 3 sizes smaller than me and beautifully groomed, who looked fabulous in it); then bought 10 balls of Silk Garden to add to a rug I’m knitting that was supposed to to be raffled yesterday – they had to make do … ; a book – Knitting meets Crochet or similar (it’s still in the boot of the car); a pattern for the above mentioned cardi; and some small Knit Pro cables because the cable monster keeps eating mine.

I still haven’t knitted the stuff I bought last year and I’m still taking wool to the library. And there are what seem like a dozen unfinished things in baskets, cupboards and hiding in places I’ve forgotten about.

I think I set the pattern when I added a ๐Ÿ™‚ to my post yesterday. Do I feel bad? What do you think? ๐Ÿ™‚

Wednesday is Cherryhills knitting day …..

It is some weeks since I’ve managed to get to Cherryhills for the knitting group – as I have mentioned before, sometimes my life exceeds my capacity! But today I managed to get there – late as usual.

The group has changed somewhat of late – work, illness and grandchildren are responsible for a drop off in our numbers and it was a surprise to be able to get a seat! Usually when I’m late, I need to bring my own chair :).

But the big news is that there is a sale this Sunday – lucky I went today! But also frustrating, as I can’t really afford or need to buy any more yarn at present. Despite giving a huge amount of wool away to a friend’s school a couple of years ago, and then taking most of my remaining 8ply to the library for Wrap With Love knitting, I still have a stash that exceeds my life expectancy – what to do, what to do. It would be safest to stay at home, but that wouldn’t be very sociable, would it? And last year I had a great time, meeting 1funkyknitwit and FredAstep of Ravelry fame. I had never met 1funkyknitwit before, but although I’d met FredAstep, but this was the first time I’d had a lengthy conversation with him. What fun!

So, for those of you who may be interested, here’s the flyer I brought home today: Maybe I’ll see you there?

Tea cosies and talks ….

Last Friday I went to a talk at Hornsby Library by Loani Prior, author of Wild Tea Cosies as part of the marketing of her new book Really Wild Tea Cosies. The room was packed – I was surprised by the interest. Quokka (Ravelry name) was there and Chris from the Cherryhills Group, but no-one else that I could recognise.

Loani is a good speaker – she talked about her experiences of getting a book published – she was interesting and funny with little anecdotes about the process, and a demonstration of some of the things she has knitted . Part of her performance was a competition – the sort where everyone stands up and then sits down as you fail to meet certain criteria. The last person standing is the winner. About half sat down in response to “Sit down if you haven’t knitted since Christmas”, and in response to the second criterion all except three sat. Quokka was still standing and as the first then second of the three was eliminate, she became the winner. The prize? An amazing tea cosy knitted from a pattern in the new book – Quokka was quite rightly very chuffed about it.

The tea cosy competition was rather weak – there only about 5 very ordinary tea cosies entered. The winner was a black cosy with a red waratah on top. I’ll have to add that photo tomorrow – it is lost in all the documents on my desk top :-)2

Updates …

I’m way behind with my blogging program, but getting better at reducing the time I spend on the internet … beautiful Bargara will have to wait while I update a few things …

So .. Fungi .. this running-late-Friday’s-fungi foto was taken in Norway – – I can’t remember where, as our travel diary with our photo list was in a bag that was stolen in London on our way home. A big loss indeed. I have no idea what type of fungus this is. ?one of the bracket fungi? mrfricative identified one of my “lichen” as being a bracket fungi. And he sent a great link to a website of Irish fungi – check it out if you are a fungi fancier!

Reader’s Digest has continued to send emails and letters all with the misleading gumph that I have come to know and be fascinated by. I have put my name on the Direct Marketing Association’s “no mail from …” list, and I sent an email to Reader’s Digest requesting them to desist from further contact – surprisingly I got a reply!:

Thank you for your email request to be removed from our mailing list.

I have located an account in your name at the PO Box (A?C #C 7266 8932) and
have marked the record accordingly. As our mailing packages are prepared
up to 8-12 weeks in advance you may receive 2 – 3 more promotional offers
after which time they will cease.

I also checked the street address and was not able to find an account at
that address. If you should receive any mail at your street address can
you please email me and let me know the reference number.

Time will tell.

The birthday is in 3 days time, and I will not be finished in time. The skirt is done, waiting to be hand sewn, stitch by stitch to the yoke.
The yoke is blocked and in the process of being duplicate stitched. One sleeve is finished and the second yet to be started.

Birthday Boy
Not an update, but a happening. The baby and only boy of the family, all 6′ 5″ of him, turned 41 yesterday. How did this happen? When did he grow up? How can I be old enough to have a child that old? He finds his mother’s ramblings on this subject very amusing! So a belated happy birthday to the big boy flea. Thanks for being such a great son.

Woolly Wednesday ….

…. at Cherryhills for the knitting group. We were bulging at the seams today – either we’re growing, or all Sue’s new wool is pushing us together. So all happily knitting away, when who should walk into the noise and knitting than Jen, – she of cobweb lace knitting fame – and hot on her heels came fellow Ravelers, FredAstep and 1funkyknitwit who fancied a bit of stash exploration. It was great to see them but I had to leave before them, so I didn’t get to see if they did enhance their stashes …. I think FredAstep was heading home with a new knitting book – the jacket he has his eye on is stunning. And 1funkyknitwit seemed rather taken with the new Zara multicolours …… I wait with bated breath for news. ๐Ÿ™‚

Lilith is progressing well now – I only frog every 7th or 8th row now instead of every row! I’m way behind with the timetable though (all that frogging). And, I’ve only got one ball of yarn left, but still have at least a third of the skirt of the jacket, two sleeves and the lace collar to go ….. eeek! Sue doesn’t have the same dyelot left! I was intending to threaten Miss 14-when-she-receives-it with confiscation if I find it screwed up on her bedroom floor under three wet towels, 20 pages of crumpled homework, assorted pieces of dirty washing and the dog …. but given that the investment of $$ is growing to a very substantial amount, I think I’ll just say “on the floor”!

Friday fungi ….

Some more fungi fotos (couldn’t resist that one!). This will be a lucky dip – whatever is top of the list when I select a file:
– I
Aah so we have a lichen, taken in Canada – but I have neglected to note exactly where in Canada. It was on the east coast, possibly even in the bit of Canada that adjoins Alasksa – or maybe on Gabriella Island, although I don’t recall walking in damp areas there – or maybe in the Rockies which seems more likely. Take your pick ๐Ÿ™‚

And another:
It looks like this tree won’t be long for this world with a growth like that. Whenever I see these plate fungi/lichen I always have great dreams of knitting a shawl from the photo – maybe one day ….

OOPs – I pushed “Publish” instead of “Draft” – so you’re having a sneak preview!