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Don’t laugh! But ….

I had a girls’ night out with my eldest daughter-flea yesterday. Nothing funny about that is there? Oh, yes there is, according to her work colleagues who thought a mother and daughter going to see Rod Stewart at the  Entertainment Centre was hysterically funny. There was much joshing all afternoon about the anticipated zimmer framed audience, much disbelief that she didn’t think her mother would be hoisting her undies onto the stage –  “not even a clean pair in her  handbag?” was the follow-up.

Not to disappoint them, there were quite a few older and usually larger women there in wheel chairs and on electric scooters; a few (larger) men in wheelchairs and a few walking sticks that we saw. A lot of older women, quite a few older men and a remarkable number of younger women and men. But not a single Zimmer frame in sight.

But the only item we saw go up on the stage was a toy kangaroo for Mr Stewart’s little boy. Did I say little? A 70 year old father with a little child? Yes, there he was, a cute little poppet on the stage briefly to receive the kangaroo. Did I mention he had blond hair and was dressed rather in his father’s style?  Black trousers with a voluminous white shirt untucked and appearing as though the collar may have been turned up at one stage; all topped off with a small black vest.  He was a cute little poppet, standing there with one hand on his hip, bopping to the music and trying to get one little foot to tap at the same time as Dad’s.  The two obviously had a very close and loving relationship, but we couldn’t help wondering how often this happened, and what he’d be like when he hit his teens. Time will tell.

Rod Stewart puts on a great evening of entertainment, but he seemed to be very tired and didn’t have the same energy that he’d had when I saw him six or seven years ago. He has a self deprecating sense of humour and sent himself up with great style. At one point a large photo/poster of a younger Rod Stewart was projected to the back of the stage – Overwritten was a statement that he’d made in an interview at that age – words to the effect of “What? You’d think I’d be still singing “Do you think I’m sexy” when I’m 50? I’d be a parody of myself.” He looked at the poster shrugged his shoulders with a grin and launched into it. What fun. My only disappointment was that his voice has changed – that husky quality seems to have gone.

So now you know – I’m a Rod Stewart fan – but not one of those shouting out “I love you, Rod” across the arena.  XD


Nan’s Button Box Bouquets

Prowling around the web today, I came across this site. The joy of playing in my mother’s button jar is clearly not a joy I shared alone :). If you love buttons, this is a site to delight. What a job – playing with your grandmother’s buttons for your work. Have a look through the gallery and in the multi media bouquets you will find a surprise – perfect for a knitter’s wedding. I would love to put a pirated photo here, but it really would be copyright infringement – sigh ….

Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow …

… the common name of a pretty purple flowered bush whose flowers fade from deep purple to white. And absolutely nothing to do with what I’m going to write – if I were a radio personality, I’d say a “nice segue” ….

Yesterday ..

… was our 48th wedding anniversary – and despite it being on my mind for some weeks before, we both forgot! That’s what happens when you’ve been married (or partnered) for such a long time. Also, only  OLD PEOPLE are married that long, aren’t they?  And we’re not old, are we?

Fortunately, we are not big on marking “significant” events – Grandpa Flea is very fond of telling me that I don’t need presents, as every day is Christmas for me! And said GPFlea is absolutely impossible to buy presents for – he doesn’t need anything, he says – and apparently he doesn’t want anything either. How annoying to have such a contented man in your life!

Despite the lack of wants and needs I always have a card for him – as I did this year – bought some time ago when I saw a suitable one. I guess I’ll use it next year instead!!

Today …

… was my knitting group day at Epping Library.  We had a good roll up and there was a lovely murmur of voices across the table. We are having our 5 year anniversary in June and have a bit of work to do planning our display and the event itself.

Tomorrow …

…  once apon a time, used to be Fungi Friday but I eventually ran out of fotos. BUT – over Christmas I came out of our holiday cabin one morning to see a little bunch of toadstools which had sprung up overnight, so I thought I’d post it today – who knows when I might post again! The toadstools only lasted 24 hours – when I looked the next day, they had wilted to little black things that were almost indistinguishable from the mulch on the garden.

DSC02467 DSC02468It looks rather like a fairy ring, doesn’t it? I was very fond of fairy rings when I was a child – but no matter how hard or how long I looked, I never saw a fairy!

It’s nearly February!

Or so it seems – the days, months and years fly by so quickly.

We had a long, lazy Christmas this year. The Flea family and various out-laws and assorted relatives took over the  Merimbula Beach Holiday Park for  a fortnight. The weather was good – not too hot but not cold, the cabins we rented were more than adequate for our needs, there two swimming pools to keep the younger and/or more energetic Fleas  busy, and the beach was just a short walk down the hill.  Just right for a teenage gidget to practise on her board. Heaven! We can recommend it as a holiday destination for all ages.

There is a fabulous board walk around the bay that goes for a couple of kilometres  – there are places to sit and take in the view, an art gallery along the way and  a cafe at the end:DSC02472



Lots of interesting rock formations (or ‘interesting geological features’ as the family geographer  likes to say):
DSC02476DSC02475Mangroves – trees I never liked when I was young, but love now that I appreciate their role in the ecosystem:






Lots of little crabs  emerged from their holes, stood stock still or scuttled back inside when they realised we were there, or undertook a fascinating process that looked like they were throwing water onto their faces -?into their mouths? We could have watched them for hours but it started to rain so we turned for home:DSC02491 DSC02480 DSC02479And that was just Day One! We all slept well that night , with the roar of the sea as our lullaby.



School Holidays …

What a joy the school holidays are. I haven’t always thought that – but grandchildren are the unexpected reward for living through the many school holidays of your own children! 

I fully expected that the day would come when our grandchildren would not want to spend time with us – the teenage years are busy with friends and homework and sometimes holiday jobs. I thought we had reached that stage with the two older baby fleas – one works at a restaurant in the holidays when she is not out socialising. Her brother changed schools last year, and then again when he started high school this year. Both changes were good for him, and he has found a group of friends that now have more to offer than his grandparents.

Like many things in life, the change seemed to happen overnight. Fortunately I expected it, but was still amazed at how abruptly it happened. I don’t think I have ever fully gotten over the fact that with our own children, we had our last family holiday without knowing it. I would have liked to have marked it in some special way. 

Yet, there are compensations – the unexpected phone call from our grand-daughter a few months ago, wanting to bring some friends with her to Sydney for a girls’ weekend – Grandma and Aunt included! What fun. And they want to do it again. Then these school holidays, the phone call from our nearly teenage grandson, wanting to stay with us while the rest of the family went away – he hates spending long periods in the car – but also knows that he gets a bit spoilt with us. Assuming that his parents knew of his call, he got the “Of course – we’ll look forward to it” answer. Big mistake. I had forgotten that you should never assume that children tell their parents everything! After a lengthy stand off at the Not-OK Corral, it was at last agreed that he could stay with us – wise decision in my books. I well remember our first trip overseas when our 13 year old daughter didn’t want to accompany us – they have many ways of making life hard unbearable for their poor parents! So we are enjoying a lovely week with a beautiful grandson who has suddenly changed from a morose, hard to please boy, into an amiable young man-boy. 

Friday Fungi

I do know it’s not Friday – you’ll just have to pretend! At last I have some new fungi fotos to post. These were taken at Port Stephens growing in the leaf litter that the gardeners throw over the edge of the lawn into the bush:

Three fungi - big to little

It was amazing to find them still intact – usually someone can’t resist knocking them over.

The biggest - about 10" across.

A view of the underneath - not much of a photo, but I love it.

Now for the middle-sized one:

Again the lantana to provide some perspective.

Top view - isn't it beautiful.

And finally, the baby –

The beautiful baby with its small scales still showing.

And the top view:


There’s no place like Oz ….

Just a few animal photos from our Lake Eyre trip:

The emus have been breeding prolifically because of all the rain and the new growth it brings. We saw quite a few emu families with young.

Also quite a few goannas and scaly back lizards (no photos of those).

These yellow footed rock wallabies were put on the endangered species list a few years ago, but again, the wet weather and the resultant prolific growth of the native plants has seen their numbers increase recently. These wallabies are so well camouflaged amongst the rocks that they are hard to see unless they move. They have a distinctive striped tail – only just visible here. If you look hard you can see that this is a female with a pouch – I can’t see the little one though.

Well, off again tomorrow but locally this time. be back soon.