Charity Mail Update ..

Away from the hustle and bustle of Sydney for 9 days, I had forgotten about my unwanted mail – until we emptied the mail box.  Six mail deliveries contained five new letters in total:

  • Diabetes NSW
    • one double-sided letter telling me about a teenager with diabetes – my $50 “will really make a difference”.
    • A another double-sided page with a letter from said teenager telling her story along with a number of full colour photos.
    • Another page for completion of my donation information. Boxes to tick if I would like to include Diabetes NSW in my will, or indicating that I have already done so. Perhaps I would like to give a regular gift each month?
    • A postage paid envelope in which to return my donation.
    • But – there is hope yet – NO FREE GIFTS!
  • St Vincent de Paul Society –
    • a double-sided letter from the President of the NSW State Council of the Society with a very sad story about a caring grandmother and her young granddaughter and how Vinnies were able to help.
    • Another page for the donation details –  but on the back, after a blurb entitled “Your Privacy” were two boxes – one to indicate if I did not want further communications from St Vinnies, and another to tick  if “you do NOT want to receive communications from other organisations” – confirmation of the sharing of mailing lists between charities.
    • A postage paid envelope for my donation.
    • A double-sided full  colour folded page with photos illustrating the work that Vinnies does and reminding me that I might like to assist with a gift.
    • Another full colour page with photos, retelling the grandmother’s need and how Vinnies had helped and asking for me to help them keep families together by sending a gift today.
    • Having  just told me that my “gift will make an incredible difference” , there is a gift for ME! A  sheet of 9 full colour personal address labels for use on my postage. The illustration on each is of the sky with ‘God’s light” beaming down.
    • Another small “God’s light” card with a prayer on the back giving thanks to God for the morning light, rest and shelter, health and food, love and friends, for “everything your goodness sends”.  It is a shame that goodness isn’t spread more evenly around the community and the world.
  • Amnesty International –
    • Three and a half pages (printed double-sided) from the national Refugee Coordinator about the plight of refugee children in Syria, with personal stories of the experiences of some children.
    • A page for donation details including a box to tick  if I don’t want to receive any more mailings, and a box to tick if I want more information about leaving a gift in my Will.
    • A postage paid envelope for my donation.
    • A postcard calling for action by recipients to urge the Minister for Immigration to increase resettlement and humanitarian places for Syrian refugees.
    • A full colour double-sided “Notes from the Field” with photos outlining the work still to be done.
    • A small colour booklet (one A4 page double-sided printed equivalent)  with photos outlining the difficulties for refugee Syrian children.
  • Make A Wish Australia –
    • A mid-sized envelope – “There’s something for you inside” printed on the outside. 
    • A  2 page,  double sided printed, letter from the CEO about children in pain and the difference a $20 gift can make  – “a life changing difference”  – and the need to raise more funds so that children do not miss out on having their wish granted.
    • A full-page for the donation details.
    • The back of the donation page has the same blurb as the St Vinnie’s: two boxes – one to indicate if I did not want further communications from St Vinnies, and another to tick  if “you do NOT want to receive communications from other organisations”. So it would appear that the charities also contract out the fund-raising to a third-party????? How much of the funds raised actually goes to the people in whose name it is being raised????
    • A postage paid envelope for my donation.
    • A full colour page with photographs and vignettes of various children and their traumas.
    • A one page equivalent story with full colour and photographs of a child whose wish was granted.
    • A gift for me, “with our best wishes” – namely four coloured cards and coloured envelopes.
  • Starlight Children’s Foundation –
    •  Another  mid-sized envelope 
    • A full colour double-sided printed sheet with a letter from the CEO requesting a gift of $40 and a heart breaking story of a young child with hydrocephalus.
    • A single page for the donation details.
    • The back of this page has a similar but slightly different blurb with the two boxes to tick – one for no further mailings from this charity and another box prefaced by: “Occasionally we allow like-minded organisations to contact you with information that may be of interest to you, including some organisations located outside Australia. These organisations allow us to do the same and this way we can reach more people with vital information”.
    • A postage paid envelope for my donation.
    • A small full colour booklet with photos and the story of “My Starlight Wish” by a young girl.
    • A magnetic “Don’t Forget” note pad to hang on the frig.
    • A page of “Starlight labels” for me to use in many ways.
    • 2 cards covered in stars with envelopes for my use.

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