Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow …

… the common name of a pretty purple flowered bush whose flowers fade from deep purple to white. And absolutely nothing to do with what I’m going to write – if I were a radio personality, I’d say a “nice segue” ….

Yesterday ..

… was our 48th wedding anniversary – and despite it being on my mind for some weeks before, we both forgot! That’s what happens when you’ve been married (or partnered) for such a long time. Also, only  OLD PEOPLE are married that long, aren’t they?  And we’re not old, are we?

Fortunately, we are not big on marking “significant” events – Grandpa Flea is very fond of telling me that I don’t need presents, as every day is Christmas for me! And said GPFlea is absolutely impossible to buy presents for – he doesn’t need anything, he says – and apparently he doesn’t want anything either. How annoying to have such a contented man in your life!

Despite the lack of wants and needs I always have a card for him – as I did this year – bought some time ago when I saw a suitable one. I guess I’ll use it next year instead!!

Today …

… was my knitting group day at Epping Library.  We had a good roll up and there was a lovely murmur of voices across the table. We are having our 5 year anniversary in June and have a bit of work to do planning our display and the event itself.

Tomorrow …

…  once apon a time, used to be Fungi Friday but I eventually ran out of fotos. BUT – over Christmas I came out of our holiday cabin one morning to see a little bunch of toadstools which had sprung up overnight, so I thought I’d post it today – who knows when I might post again! The toadstools only lasted 24 hours – when I looked the next day, they had wilted to little black things that were almost indistinguishable from the mulch on the garden.

DSC02467 DSC02468It looks rather like a fairy ring, doesn’t it? I was very fond of fairy rings when I was a child – but no matter how hard or how long I looked, I never saw a fairy!


One response to “Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow …

  1. My husband and I have trouble remembering our anniversary, too. These things sneak up on us so fast anymore!

    Love the fungi. Fairy rings are so fascinating.

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