It’s nearly February!

Or so it seems – the days, months and years fly by so quickly.

We had a long, lazy Christmas this year. The Flea family and various out-laws and assorted relatives took over the  Merimbula Beach Holiday Park for  a fortnight. The weather was good – not too hot but not cold, the cabins we rented were more than adequate for our needs, there two swimming pools to keep the younger and/or more energetic Fleas  busy, and the beach was just a short walk down the hill.  Just right for a teenage gidget to practise on her board. Heaven! We can recommend it as a holiday destination for all ages.

There is a fabulous board walk around the bay that goes for a couple of kilometres  – there are places to sit and take in the view, an art gallery along the way and  a cafe at the end:DSC02472



Lots of interesting rock formations (or ‘interesting geological features’ as the family geographer  likes to say):
DSC02476DSC02475Mangroves – trees I never liked when I was young, but love now that I appreciate their role in the ecosystem:






Lots of little crabs  emerged from their holes, stood stock still or scuttled back inside when they realised we were there, or undertook a fascinating process that looked like they were throwing water onto their faces -?into their mouths? We could have watched them for hours but it started to rain so we turned for home:DSC02491 DSC02480 DSC02479And that was just Day One! We all slept well that night , with the roar of the sea as our lullaby.




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