Driven to Post ….. by The Kings School

I’ve been quiet for a long time, but my letterbox has driven me to this. Did you see Jane Caro on The Drum last week?  She expressed opinions about Australia’s treatment of refugees and the funding of education that said eloquently, forcefully and far better than I could, the things that I feel.

But it is the education issue that has driven me to this. Last week I received a Christmas “card” in the letter box – obviously part of a letter box drop to a large number of people. Was I pleased to receive it? Far from it. This card was from one of Australia’s wealthiest private schools. A privileged school amongst many, that receives large amounts of Australian taxpayers’ money. I could say a lot more, but I think the card speaks for itself – why does this school need Federal funding if it can afford to bombard the not-so-local community with this waste of paper?

Far from bringing me “Christmas Cheer”, I could weep for the children that don’t have the educational opportunities afforded to this privileged few.

The cynic in me says it’s to do with the recent negative publicity the school has received. We have never received a “card” before. What do you make of it?



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