School Holidays …

What a joy the school holidays are. I haven’t always thought that – but grandchildren are the unexpected reward for living through the many school holidays of your own children! 

I fully expected that the day would come when our grandchildren would not want to spend time with us – the teenage years are busy with friends and homework and sometimes holiday jobs. I thought we had reached that stage with the two older baby fleas – one works at a restaurant in the holidays when she is not out socialising. Her brother changed schools last year, and then again when he started high school this year. Both changes were good for him, and he has found a group of friends that now have more to offer than his grandparents.

Like many things in life, the change seemed to happen overnight. Fortunately I expected it, but was still amazed at how abruptly it happened. I don’t think I have ever fully gotten over the fact that with our own children, we had our last family holiday without knowing it. I would have liked to have marked it in some special way. 

Yet, there are compensations – the unexpected phone call from our grand-daughter a few months ago, wanting to bring some friends with her to Sydney for a girls’ weekend – Grandma and Aunt included! What fun. And they want to do it again. Then these school holidays, the phone call from our nearly teenage grandson, wanting to stay with us while the rest of the family went away – he hates spending long periods in the car – but also knows that he gets a bit spoilt with us. Assuming that his parents knew of his call, he got the “Of course – we’ll look forward to it” answer. Big mistake. I had forgotten that you should never assume that children tell their parents everything! After a lengthy stand off at the Not-OK Corral, it was at last agreed that he could stay with us – wise decision in my books. I well remember our first trip overseas when our 13 year old daughter didn’t want to accompany us – they have many ways of making life hard unbearable for their poor parents! So we are enjoying a lovely week with a beautiful grandson who has suddenly changed from a morose, hard to please boy, into an amiable young man-boy. 

One response to “School Holidays …

  1. Flea, I’m so pleased to read your post, both to have you back blogging and to know we don’t loose our grandchildren. We have our three little people with us most of the school holidays and although there are some days that are challenging, I would not change one minute.
    I could not tell you how many pancakes I have made for breakfast these holidays, or cookies, or sausage rolls, then there are the dvds … xx

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