Old blogs never die ….

they merely fade away …. and that’s what this blog has been doing ever since we moved home. I’ve lost my blogging mojo – I start things and never follow through. This has been especially bad this year. Early this morning, lying awake in bed after Grandpa Flea rose at 4.30am to see the eclipse (he didn’t find it), I had an epiphany (secular meaning, of course) – the blog has died. It is no longer Flea-Bites, an enjoyable part of my life. It has become disjointed and dispirited.

I have become angry with the state of the world and the trivialisation of our parliamentary processes; the lack of compassion in our elected representatives for the less fortunate in this world as exemplified by their response to the public outrage over the mistreatment of animals. Refugees,are, like the rest of human-kind, animals too – a fact they seem to have forgotten. I am angry that the prospect of climate change, caused by natural or man-made processes is of less concern to them than playing to the lowest common denominator – that which allows them to hang onto power. It is a joke hanging onto power by whatever means when you corrupt your core values and principles in the process.

I don’t want the precious Flea part of my life contaminated by these feelings. In future, I shall express my feelings of anger and disappointment directly to the people involved. So, it is goodbye to this blog. Thank you for your comments over the years.

PS – Mr Fricative – I understand now how you felt.


6 responses to “Old blogs never die ….

  1. I hear where you are coming from 😉
    I sometimes think i spend more time at the computer reading about rather than doing the things i’m interested in and concerned about. The drawbacks of the virtual world.
    I recently joined Getup! in an attempt to be more directly involved. I’m all the time hearing about rallies after they’ve happened thinking ” Why wasn’t i there?”.
    We’ll just have to make and effort to get together in person to thrash out our opinions and share our feelings (regardless of whether or not we agree ;-).
    I’ve enjoyed your blog and shared many of your opinions. But more than anything, respect and admire your conviction and motivation to speak out.
    Thank you 🙂

    • I’d love to get together, Lee – maybe I’ll even see you at WWKIP or at Sue’s on Sunday.

      I’m glad you’ve joined Getup! They have the numbers to actually be heard, and from time to time the money to run ads. I’ll still be speaking out, but directly to my MPs and any relevant Minister. Cheers

  2. dear grandma flea,
    I miss the old blog too, with the kids and the critters and just how you made life sound lovely. peace to you and all the fleas, maybe our paths will cross again through knitting at some time.

  3. i admire your ability to voice your opinions. i often fear speaking out in case once i’ve started i may not be able to stop and i’ll just dig myself in deeper and deeper.
    (haha also applies to arguments with the other half).

  4. Oh, how I agree with you. I find it all truly depressing and in our house we’ve stopped watching political interviews as we’re tempted to either slit our throats or throw something at the television. Where did they dig up all these rather unintelligent, heartless, power-seeking, petty-minded morons? But I keep my blog going because it’s the one place where I discover that I’m not alone – there are people out there who agree with me. I’m also a member of Get Up. But last week a member of Parliament
    (Abbott?) dismissed us all as being “Over 55”!

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