Stop carping, Tony …

… and show us what you really stand for – or is just that you are a poor loser? Sure, Julia scraped in and has done an about flip on the carbon tax – so what! Sure, it’s disappointing when our pollies show that they are not as honest as we’d like – BUT wasn’t it your friend, John Howard, who made some never to be forgotten black flips – remember “never, ever”? and “non core promises”? I’m sick of only hearing negative whingeing about the Labor government. Shut up or put up. I’d love to hear some positive, intelligent statements about Liberal parties policies especially in the area of climate change. Forget your animosity towards your leadership rival and pay some attention to Malcom Turnbull – maybe even listen to your own environment minister. Qu’elle horreur that you might pay attention to the very person you appointed to manage these matters.

Read Ross Gittens’ article in today’s Sydney Morning Herald – you might learn something about climate change and what thinking people feel about your attitudes and behaviour in that policy area. Just give the poor electorate a break from your constant, grinding negativity.


2 responses to “Stop carping, Tony …

  1. Hear, hear! I’d just like to know what he actually stands for. He presents himself as a mean-spirited petty individual with no ideas. The purpose of an Opposition is not to oppose at any cost; it’s to keep a balance and present an alternative viewpoint.

    • Well said, Sally. I think Tony Abbott stands for Tony Abbott – and I agree absolutely that the role of an opposition is that of balance and presenting alternatives. What a shame that we don’t have an alternative vision to chew over. It’s interesting that some Liberal MPs are speaking out but they seem to get pulled back into line pretty quickly. I’d love to see a consensus government when MPs from any party could appointed to the Cabinet on the basis of their ability and qualifications to handle the different portfolios. As my daughter would say – “Pigs are..” (fuelled and ready to fly – I had to ask!!)

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