There’s no place like Oz ….

Just a few animal photos from our Lake Eyre trip:

The emus have been breeding prolifically because of all the rain and the new growth it brings. We saw quite a few emu families with young.

Also quite a few goannas and scaly back lizards (no photos of those).

These yellow footed rock wallabies were put on the endangered species list a few years ago, but again, the wet weather and the resultant prolific growth of the native plants has seen their numbers increase recently. These wallabies are so well camouflaged amongst the rocks that they are hard to see unless they move. They have a distinctive striped tail – only just visible here. If you look hard you can see that this is a female with a pouch – I can’t see the little one though.

Well, off again tomorrow but locally this time. be back soon.


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