Playing catch-up

Fascinating – the minutiae of my life that I just know you can’t wait to read (ROFL).

There’ll be more on our outback adventure later – in the meantime, the sunsets yesterday reminded me of some photos I took recently of the sunlight and shadow before a recent storm at home.

I’ve spent a large part of today trying to reduce my email inbox to a manageable size. I had something like 200 emails that I hadn’t opened, let alone read – courtesy of my fatal predilection to sign up for every newsletter around, and the subsequent sale, I assume, of my email address to various places I’d rather not know about. Bouncing unwanted emails only seems to encourage them. So, I now have many folders full of emails to read at some point in the future – who am I kidding? And my inbox contains only a couple of unread emails that I’ve sent to myself from Grandpa Flea’s inbox. In the process, I managed to send off a few emails that needed to be done. I only have another dozen or so to do 🙂

I’ve also had a mad rush of energy trying to get some things done in anticipation of several weeks coming up when I’ll be severely handicapped in my ability to undertake strenuous activity – so I’ve been lugging large bags of manure and potting mix up from the garage to try to build up the soil in our courtyard gardens. I’d love to know where it goes, but the level seems to be lower each day, no matter how much extra I add.

Washing was another item on the agenda – oh my life is so exciting. Fortunately I got some dry before the rain came down. Now I have to iron it …… We go away again on Tuesday for 3 days so I think I’ll be playing catch-up in the laundry for a while.

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