Apostrophe Man lives inside my computer … Help!

I keep adding apostrophes in places I would never dream of doing so – in fact, misplaced apostrophes are one of my (many) pet aversions. But perhaps I’m not as crazy as I was beginning to think.I have just changed the header text on the blog, and blow me over with a feather, the wretched “brain” in this thing decided the abbreviation for the possessive form of i-t-s needed an apostrophe! It has taken several attempts before it would accept it without. I am now typing it’s -WITHOUT THAT APOSTROPHE THAT INSERTED ITSELF!

What a pain.


4 responses to “Apostrophe Man lives inside my computer … Help!

  1. go’d help us a’ll

  2. If you’re talking about Word you can stop it doing this by editing the preferences for autocorrect. You’ll find this in the tools menu.

    • I replied to your comment, but not sure if it was meant to show here or goes directly to your email. Either way, thanks for the suggestion. I’ve checked it out and it’s wordpress that’s the problem – I can’t see an autocorrect fx under tools but I’ll keep exploring.

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