A decent MP???

Before I distracted myself with the vagaries of Apostrophe Man, I had intended to comment on an interview I half heard on my ABC yesterday. Kevin Humphries was interviewed about the Federal Government’s latest initiative to reduce smoking – the olive-green cigarette packet with photos that make me feel sick.

When asked what he thought about this, he replied that it was another plank in the measures that the Federal Government had been taking, and that anything that helped to reduce the burden of illness and death in the community from tobacco had to be good! A politician that didn’t immediately launch into a destructive, non-productive attack just for the sake of it? I could hardly believe my ears. What’s more, he then talked about that initiative within the context of health promotion generally, and in that discussion raised and discussed positively a whole range of other lifestyle behaviors that are detrimental to health and well-being, and some of the initiatives that his Government was considering.

I think I could like this MP if he continues to act like a sensible human being with a concern for his constituents rather than being driven by a frantic need to destroy the opposition regardless of the merits of its initiatives.

Keep up the good work, Kev!


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