Dear Julia ….

was that you I heard on the radio this morning? Being interviewed on the ABC? I was still half asleep at the time. The voice sounded like yours ……. but there was emotion in it! passion? anger? maybe! You took exception to the interviewers assumptions and you sounded like a real, live person – not the dreary robot that usually inhabits your body.

Julia, I’m pleased to have a female PM at last – there’s hope for us, yet. But, please start to talk like a real person. Forget the soothing tones – it drives us mad. Your stilted delivery, broken up into phrases separated with pauses (presumably to allow us to digest the words) is irritating at best and patronising at worst. It smacks of the repetitive monotone you saddled us with before the last election when you, me, the country, Uncle Tom Cobley and all were “moving forward” – following the script. That was before you promised to show us the real Julia. But I think you lost yourself somewhere along the way.

We want a Prime Minister who inspires and leads, is passionate, principled, spontaneous and not frightened to depart from the script written by the back-room boys. Don’t bore us to tears with meaningless drivel delivered like an automaton which is programmed to speak only in phrases. You remind me of a local doctor we had when our children were small – he called me “Mother” and actually told me that he would explain the problem in “words of two syllables” so that I could understand it – you can guess what happened to him! I don’t want to fire you too, Julia, but the Greens are looking better everyday. They are passionate about their principles. Can you say the same thing? You are certainly not showing it.

Oh, and by the way – for your own sake, never give a press conference with Anna Bligh again – her concern for her constituents in the face of an overwhelming disaster was palpable. It was her spontaneous delivery contrasting with your carefully scripted delivery that finally allowed me to find words to express what had been bothering me.

With best wishes for a speedy recovery from your loss of passion and spontaneity,
Grandma Flea


One response to “Dear Julia ….

  1. Put simply, couldn’t agree more!

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