Three yearly roundup ….

…. well, why not? It seems that everyone and their brother’s dog is doing a “what I knitted last year” reflection – but I have scant news to report in the completed garment field. Rather, I have been reflecting on the three years and three weeks since we moved into our new downsized home. The event that has brought this reflection on? My birthday later this year when I turn 67 – how can that be?? Turning sixty-six marked the wrong side of approaching seventy, an event that seems to be so far away from my mental age. I don’t feel that old – apart from the many bodily signs of decrepitude, if that’s a word. Yet, sixty-seven is one year closer to that great knitting paradise in the sky and I’m fast running out of time to do the things I want to do. Just writing this down is creating a rather uncomfortable feeling for me – my parents died “young” – my mother at sixty-nine and eighteen months later, my father at seventy. And the age sixty-nine has become a sort of deadline for me – no pun intended. I feel and have felt that I need to get moving – pick up my pace if you like – and concentrate on the things I really want to do instead of the things I waste my time on – of course you’d never guess I’m a procrastinator by nature. When I turned sixty-one, I decided to have an eight year plan – but I still haven’t written it!!

I will have to cogitate a bit more on this and continue at a later date …. maybe, if I get around to it 🙂

2 responses to “Three yearly roundup ….

  1. 67 is only a tad over 2/3 of the way to 100, so you’ve plenty of time for that 8 year plan yet.
    My mum started to worry when she reached her father’s last age (57), and then when she reached her mum’s (72), but even with her immense propensity for anxiety made it well past both of them.

  2. I take comfort that i am not the only one wondering how i got to be the age i am (or am about to be – 50!) cause i certainly don’t feel like what i thought this age would feel like. So perhaps age really is in our minds. But what i really can’t figure out is how the hell did i get to be 50? I feel like i was only just celebrating my 18th… lol Where have the years gone?

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