Just because you’re paranoid ….

doesn’t mean that they’re not out to get you.

No one could accuse Julian Assange of paranoia. They are definitely out to get him. I haven’t heard the latest developments, but it seems that pressure has been brought to bear on many people to “deal” with him. If I have it straight, first a rape allegation that the Swedish prosecutor didn’t feel inclined to pursue because of the (lack of) quality of the evidence – then suddenly the relevant minister decides that warrants must be issued and Mr Assange extradited to Sweden to face charges – oh, and just coincidentally, probably be on-extradited to the US …… no pressure was brought to bear, of course.

Then the major means of donations to support Wikileaks were shut down – Mastercard, Visa and Paypal suddenly decide to close down his accounts – no pressure??

Taken into custody in Britain, Mr Assange is refused bail, but the judge declares that he wants to assess the evidence relating to the rape allegations himself, as so many high profile and high calibre individuals have expressed their support for Mr Assange.

Our own Prime Minister announces that Mr Assange has broken the law in Australia with his Wikileaks – shame Julia, shame – the Attorney General declines to comment on that but any number of other politicians have denied that the law has been broken. Strange that Julia hasn’t accused our newspapers of breaking the law by publishing the leaks with gay abandon.

Our ex-Prime Minister by contrast has put his finger on it – it is the USA’s problem -not ours or Mr Assange’s – someone in the State Dept over there is leaking big time. Strange that they haven’t managed to cap the leak – but then again, they didn’t have much luck with the oil leak, did they?

And was there talk of assassinating Mr Assange, or did I imagine that I read it??

It sounds like an airport novel, and it would be gruesomely funny except that the whole issue is so serious. It would not be the first time that a government has dealt with a “troublesome” person in that way.

Fortunately we have the world wide web and we are seeing the power that fast, free flowing information across the world can have. Cyber geeks across the world have exhibited their disapproval of the way this matter is being handled by hacking into and shutting down the websites of companies that have closed Wikileak accounts. Paypal has responded by reopening them – much to my relief – I would have had to close my Paypal account in protest if they hadn’t. I hope the credit card companies follow suit. It would be hard to go back to cash again! And people are marching in the streets in protest at the way this matter is being handled – I may be there too, soon.

To return to the beginning – rape is a crime that should be punished with the full weight of the law but in this case it seems that the alleged perpetrator is in fact the victim – the whole thing is so convenient especially the denials of lack of pressure and the potential of the USA to have Mr Assange extradited from Sweden.

I may be kidding myself, but one day, the United States will realise that interfering in the workings of other countries is ill-judged – look at what arming the Taliban to fight the Russians achieved – lots of body-bags with young American men inside. And one day, our own government may realise that open, principled and transparent government will achieve more than all that cloak and dagger stuff that “protects” the public from itself. New Zealand took a stand against nuclear weapons – and were wiped by the USA, but NZ didn’t fall off the edge of the earth. Neither will we if we stand up for what’s right.

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