Just what is the problem with our pollies?

I find it hard to believe that grown people behave as our politicians do. I’m talking in particular about our terrible twins – Tony and Julia. I had high hopes that with the independents in the Federal Parliament talking about a different way of doing things, and Julia acknowledging the need, that things would change. But Tony and Julia are still at each other’s throats – especially Tony. Talk about a sore loser! Whatever happened to sportsmanship? Not that the government of the country is a game.

When will they realise that WE ARE SICK OF IT! What is wrong with a bit of consensus? Or even a proper debate? The current stance of the opposition is not going to win it more votes – but it may well win some for the independents and the Greens. They have the sense to keep their heads down – and a number of the independents had the sense and integrity to leave the chamber on the last sitting day when the exchange between Tony and Julia sank to the puerile. And why does Julia fly in to meet insult with more insult? What’s wrong with declining to dignify such remarks with a reply? It might be news to the pollies, but the electorate is not stupid.

These people are paid to represent their constituents – I don’t call shouting silly and destructive comments fair representation. I want to see politicians bring their collective intelligence to bear on some of the real and urgent problems of our society – inequality of access to healthcare and education; the decline of our public health system and the state education system through underfunding and understaffing; the decline of the environment; the woeful state of some aboriginal communities with limited access to sanitation, fresh water, reasonably priced fresh fruit and vegetables, relevant education, healthcare and employment; the hidden and not so hidden poverty in every community in Australia; and yes, even equality of all people in the matter of marriage, and the right to choose a dignified death when the alternative is suffering.

The list is endless, yet the will to work together for the good of the people is missing.

It’s time to stop the childish antics and address the needs of the nation. We would all have a lot less cynicism and a lot more respect for our elected representatives, if they actually represented our concerns in a civilised and adult manner.


2 responses to “Just what is the problem with our pollies?

  1. I think we quite rightly expect our politicians to represent our concerns but the reality is that they are there for their own ends and are fighting to keep their respective jobs. The days when people went into politics for altruistic reasons have long gone.

  2. I think you’re right, Sue – but how frustrating it is for the community.

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