Water, water, everywhere ….

…. and it’s all “on” my knee! How can that be? I can tell you that it’s painful and tiring and interferes with my daily activities. Ah well, (no pun intended!), I’m not as young as I used to be (said in a creaky voice) and I am rather well covered for a woman my height. I looked up the body mass index calculator – for my weight I should be 6′ 5″ tall – scary!! So all I have to do now is grow …. rather a lot…… UP! not OUT. How to do, how to do? Any suggestions?

Whenever I visit the doctor these days, I am invariably told (in a rather stern voice) “Well of course – excess weight is the main cause/doesn’t help/ is a major contributing factor along with …..” you guessed it “…AGEING”. A pox on skinny people and the young! I was once both, and I am here to tell you, I am much happier old and fat! Just in pain, tired and hampered in my “activities of daily living”! They’ll be putting me in a nursing home next! A pox on those who try!


2 responses to “Water, water, everywhere ….

  1. The problem is that “lose weight” and “exercise more” are standard answers by doctors which then absolves them of any responsibility to probe any further. I was asked by my doctor if I exercised. “Yes, I do. I have 5 personal training sessions a week, and I walk on the other days including a 7 – 8 km walk at the weekend. Should I be doing more?” To which she pulled a face but had no answer.

    • I’d love to have seen her face! My doctor tells me how she walks for an hour before breakfast and again in the evening – good luck to her! I couldn’t have done that/wouldn’t have wanted to do that when I was ANY age, let alone now. I have started walking and actually do miss it, but I can’t do it because my knee is so stiff and sore. I have been on anti-inflammatories for two days and the cure is worse than the disease! I’ve given them a miss tonight and I’ll try taking them with breakfast. If they still give me grief – ????? maybe a physio????? who knows!

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