Just what the UK needs ……

so spoke the political commentator this morning. …. it will lift the spirits of the British people …. ??? I beg your pardon – don’t you mean ….another young woman the press can harrass to breaking point ????

When will the English royal family move into the 21st century? They are not “special” – they are people – no different from you and me, except that they are born into a life of “privilege” – wealthy beyond belief and standing on the shoulders of the British public.

Long live the Republican Movement!!

2 responses to “Just what the UK needs ……

  1. But it is good to know you and I are not old, as it was also reported that the young and the old are in favour of the monarchy. It’s just the baby-boomers (such troublemakers!) who are in favour of a republic.

  2. I suspect that even if we were a republic, we would still be getting non-stop coverage from the media. I reckon the editors of No Idea and Womans Daze are in heaven – budget met for the next 12 months at least. The Royals are a commodity like any of the so-called stars of Hollywood and football.

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