Goodbye Blogtober … and calling David Astle ….

The tough task of blogging each day in October is beyond me at present. The main problem being, that I have nothing to say. Or, perhaps I should say, I have plenty to say, but can’t be bothered saying it. Or, perhaps I should say …… what?

Well, I did want to say that how someone got a scrabble score of ?360 using kazique is beyond my comprehension. As it turns out, kazique is not a word in the online Scrabble dictionary on Facebook, and that in itself seems strange – I was under the impression that Mattel owned the copyright on Scrabble – after all, they did manage to close Scrabulous down on copyright issues – so it’s hard to imagine that the Facebook dictionary would differ from the official Scrabble Dictionary – still, stranger things have happened and mine is not to wonder why etc etc.

As my Scrabble group didn’t meet this week, I couldn’t check it in the Scrabble Dictionary (I don’t own one). BUT, if it were to be a word, the value of the word would be:
kazique – letter value = 29.
kazique with the ‘k’ on a triple word score and ‘q’ on a double = 59
kazique with the ‘k’ on a triple word score and ‘q’ on a double and first word played = 118

Clearly there would need to be an intersecting word of very high value, BUT if it were the first word played, there would be no points from another word intersecting with it. Just MAYBE, if it covered two double word squares AND intersected with a word with J which was on a triple word score, it might make the score … but I don’t know – does ANYONE have the answer to this puzzle?

Where are you DA????

All suggestions welcome – please. I won’t be able to sleep until I know!!

PS maths and spatial reasoning have never been my strong points.


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