Monday was Scrabble day …..

…. and it was also an outing with Grandpa Flea’s Probus club. At first it seemed that we would all be on the outing (the Scrabble Group. that is) but one had to invigilate (what a good word!) for the HSC and another, baby sit. So three of us and another 45 people boarded the Hawkesbury River postman’s boat for a day puttering up the river, calling in to all the little settlements with mail and what seemed like an unending supply of crates of bread! We were so lucky with the weather – a beautiful sunny day with a cooling breeze up on the roof of the boat.

I love isolated places and once dreamt of living in one, on the water of course. These days I still love them, but the dream has gone. I like being 5 minutes from the train! But then, looking at that photo – wouldn’t it be heaven?

Dangar Island, a short trip across from Hawkesbury River station, has no cars – the residents leave their wheelbarrows at the dock to wheel their heavy goods home – hard work if you ask me, as there is a rather large hill as you leave the waterfront! Click on the photo above and you can see the wheelbarrows on the left near the sign. And here is a local – a very pregnant local, I’m told, wheeling her goodies home.

One mystery was solved for me on this trip – I have always been conscious of a place called “Little Wobby Beach” but for some reason thought it was an ocean beach in the Royal National Park to the south of Sydney, but here it was – on the Hawkesbury:But where is the beach, I here you ask? Why, right here, nicely framed by Grandpa Flea and friend – and it really IS little!And here are some of the many loaves of bread being unloaded to go to the National Fitness Camp at …. Little Wobby Beach.All in all, a great day – good company, fresh and tasty lunch, sunshine and sparkling water. The only thing that could have improved it would have been a game of Scrabble!


2 responses to “Monday was Scrabble day …..

  1. One of the women I work with lives at Little Wobby. They have to take a tinny across to Brooklyn to get the train in the morning and back in the evening. It would have to be pretty amazing for me to do that very day!

    • Yes, it would add to the travel and I wouldn’t like it in wet and windy weather! And despite the small and isolated nature of the communities, the houses that you can see from the water are all clustered together – I wouldn’t have the isolation there!!

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