Friday is ….

a great relief. This is the day I have NO commitments …… well, just those that don’t fit in the other days (DAMNATION!). But today, I have time to catch up with all the undone things of the last 6 months (in my dreams, that is 🙂 ) – but at least I may make a bit of a hole in them, while I listen to the drills under my feet (can they get any louder?).

Drills? I hear you ask? Yes, drills. In the “great flood” of earlier this year, our courtyards flooded and the water ran in the weepholes in the bricks, along between the wooden floor and the brick slab. Apart from flooding our living area (fortunately not too badly), the concrete slab, which is the ceiling of the garage under, began to LEAK – not just in one place, but in numerous places. For some reason we felt a little concerned about that – concrete cancer being one of the thoughts flashing through our minds. So, after many months of waiting and reminding, and reminding …. the builder and developer have arranged to have it repaired. Holes are to be drilled and some sort of fluid will be injected under pressure and spread through the airholes(?) forming a coating over the steel – if I understand the process correctly, which is by no means certain. Meanwhile, we just have to assume that this will fix the problem. But there is no way we will get to the end of the seven year warranty period without an independent assessment by a structural engineer. Come to think of it, our son-in-law is an engineer – mmmmm – might have to ask him over for his favourite baked dinner very soon!

Now I’m off to have some panadol and find some earplugs – otherwise I might have to go back to bed upstairs, close the door and put my head under the pillow!

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