Thursday is Wrap With Love day ….

… at Epping Library. Our group seems to have shrunk a lot lately – I’m not sure why. But today we had visits from three people we don’t see very often – Amrita, with her beautiful little girl who turns two in December. That two years seems to have flown by. Also Siva, whom we haven’t seen for a while – Siva had finished a child’s neckwarmer which we will pass on to another charity, now that Mahboba’s Promise is no longer able to transport clothing to Afghanistan. Our third welcome visitor was Sally of Pompom fame. Sally came bearing wool for the group – it is very welcome as we are scratching the bottom of the barrel. We have applied for another grant from Bendigo Community Bank, but there is no guarantee we’ll get it – so many needs and so little money (relatively speaking). I am about to order some “tangled wool” from Wangaratta – it is so cheap that many people are happy to buy it at that price.

Sally was looking very well in a beautiful hand-knitted cardigan, designed by – herself! It was good to see her gaining in strength and ease of movement after all these months of recovery following her fall.


One response to “Thursday is Wrap With Love day ….

  1. Aaagh! Thank you for your kind words. It was so lovely to see you all and get such a wonderful welcome. (And another bag of yarn on its way to you shortly!)

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