Losing my mind?

I sometimes wonder. Having committed to Blogtober last night in a flurry of something, I realised this morning – 10 minutes ago, in fact – that I’ll be away for the next 6 days and probably won’t have any internet access!! Fool, fool! So, I need to post three times today, and four times next Saturday night, and hope that it counts. Again – no correspondence entered into ….

So, we have just returned from Yum Cha at Eastwood, to celebrate the birthday tomorrow of Master 10 and 364 days. As we will be leaving at the crack of dawn in the morning, the celebrations are being held today. But so far, it has not been an auspicious beginning to the year of being 11:
– Master 10 is as sick as a little puppy with a very bad cold.
– He wanted dumplings for his birthday, hence the Yum Cha – BUT ….. no dumplings that met his rather particular gastronomic requirements appeared – dumplings and noodles in many varieties, but none that he fancied. Not a very happy lunch.
– Thinking that a mango – which is THE food favourite – might make up for the lunch disappointment, we scoured the shops for a mango but there was not one to be found.
– Earlier in the week, Grandpa Flea went to buy the birthday present from Battlecraft Games – he and Master 10 had spent the morning there in expectation of numerous other little aficionados turning up to a tournament, but not a soul turned up. Same thing happened the previous Monday when Master 10 and I waited for hours. Obviously, Warhammer 40,000 isn’t the activity of choice in this neighbourhood – however between leaving the shop, having lunch and returning to buy the present, SOMEONE HAD BOUGHT THE ONLY SET IN THE SHOP! Can you believe it?

Perhaps this is what happens when celebrations are held early. Let’s hope the coming year holds more joy and less disappointment for this dear little boy.


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