Blogtober …

… I’ve been aware of this blogging fest, but not known much about it. However, reading MissFee’s blog today, I think I’ll give it a go – to blog each day in October – and maybe I’ll break my blogging fast. Sure, I’m a day late, but I’m going to spread the blogging between this blog and the Epping Library knitting blog that I do, and as I have posted there today, I’ll count that as making up for yesterday. S’okay? If not, no correspondence will be entered into! Unless it’s from the owner of the button:

Which button, I cannot manage to upload, so no probs.

The library knitting group has lost two members in the last two months – both died unexpectedly, and today’s post on the library blog is about one of these women, Shirley McCann. It’s a little late, but I had a lot of trouble writing it – but then, whenever is it easy? So that’s it for today.



2 responses to “Blogtober …

  1. that is sad news about shirley

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