Lilith – at last ….

So,what can I say? Three months late for her birthday – a few things not right – but I’m quitting while I’m in front. Mam’selle is very happy with the result and within 15 minutes had paraded it down to the shopping centre and been a trifle annoyed with her mother who warned that she couldn’t wear it to school …….. they do have a liberal interpretation of “uniform” at that school. All in all, I’m pleased too 🙂

I have warned my beautiful grand-daughter that if I find that coat in one of these piles, or under three wet towels and a dog, it’s coming home with me!

And, yes, young lady – I lied – I have posted that photo for all the world to see!


2 responses to “Lilith – at last ….

  1. It’s absolutely wonderful! Love it.

  2. WOW… amazing!!
    I dream about knitting dresses or coats I just never get started… aarhahah envy ;D

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