Do you frequent gay saunas?

Does the man in my life? It’s none of your business – and it’s none of my business if you do.

So why did Channel 7 break a story last night about David Campbell, our Labor Minister for Transport and Roads? Where was the public interest in revealing this to all and sundry? Sure, he drove himself there in his ministerial car – so what? It may have been more discrete, if he was concerned about discretion, to use a private car, but his ministerial car is a company car – part of his salary package.

He has not broken the ministerial code of conduct.

He has not broken the law.

He may have broken the trust that exists between him and his family – but perhaps they were already aware of his activities. It wouldn’t be the first marriage where one partner’s sexual needs, or indeed any other needs that don’t fit into the traditionally defined role of married behaviour, are accepted by the other.

What right does any media outlet have to stalk any member of the community, photograph them going about their private activities and then blazon this across the airwaves as “breaking news”? It may well be breaking news – breaking the heart and personal relationships of the victim of their scrutiny.

David Campbell’s sexual orientation and behaviour should be a matter of interest only to him and his partner. It becomes a matter of public interest only if it breaks the law.

Failure to carry out his duties because of his presence at the sauna was implied in today’s front page report of The Sydney Morning Herald which says the Channel 7 report “alluded to his whereabouts during the recent fiasco involving a truck crash on the F3 freeway …….. (when) Mr Campbell …refused to disclose where he was as the traffic chaos unfolded…” . Now I’m not too sure of the rules, written or understood, about a Minister’s obligation to be on call at all times. As mobile phones are not allowed in this particular club, I imagine that he would, or should, have made other arrangements to deal with an emergency that might occur in his absence. Until it is proved that he was derelict in his duties he should be left alone. And even then, where the minister was is not the issue – it is the arrangements he made, or did not make, that should be the focus of the media’s scrutiny. We are all entitled to “time off” for personal needs – be it to have time with the family, go to the doctor, play a sport or play at our favourite sex sauna.


4 responses to “Do you frequent gay saunas?

  1. I agree with your take on this. I think he should have resigned a long time ago as minister as he certainly seemed incompetent. However, this seems very much a media beat up to me. As you say, the topic is something between him and his family, not the public.

  2. 100% agree. I wonder if he was frequenting a straight swingers club, would he have had to resign?

  3. Thank you for putting so well.
    I couldn’t agree more.

  4. Hear, hear! I, for one, am sick and tired of hearing about everyone’s sex life, or lack thereof, on tv. And especially during the news! I don’t care who’s what a government official does in their off time as long as it doesn’t interfere with their duties. And if they’re celebrities, I care even less!

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