Why Lilith loves Pilates ….

How indeed did a knitting pattern come to love Pilates? It’s a long story …. I got a flyer in the letterbox two years ago – there was a Pilates class for me in the local church hall – I’m not sure if it was a franchise or a chain arrangement, but I spoke to the woman, and enrolled. I rolled up to the first class, paid my term’s subscription, then discovered I hadn’t been told that I had to have a mat – and what do you think – they had mats for sale right there at $40 (if my memory is correct). So, in my enthusiasm to not miss a class, I bought one.

But, the whole Pilates thing was a disaster. I couldn’t hear the teacher in the old church hall with the high ceilings; I couldn’t keep up with the class (partly because I couldn’t hear) and to cap it all off, my knees are troublesome and most of the exercises involved kneeling …. I lasted three lessons. So, this %$#@ $40 mat has been at the back of the cupboard, making me squirm with guilt each time I come across it. But today! I needed a good sized thing to block Lilith’s skirt. And what do you know? Just a trifle narrow, but nice and long – I’ve found a use for the mat. I pinned the skirt to the bed where the mat was too narrow – each time I pushed a pin in I heard a very satisfying crunch – then, too late, I realised I had a waterproof cover under the mattress protector, for the littlest flea’s sleepovers – oh well – a little bit of wee never hurt anyone :o).

First the collar, blocked yesterday:

Then the skirt and sleeves, blocking today – the skirt has a few safety pins where I came across dropped stitches – they’ll be sewn in as I attach the skirt to the yoke. The “frost” on the wool is where I’ve sprayed it prior to covering with damp cloths:

A close up of the frill – looking sparkly because of the spray”

I discovered as I was pinning this all out, that my tension gets looser as I get more weight on the needles – this happened once before with a sideways knitted jacket for me – I ended up with the last sleeve being about 4″ wider than the first!

I hope to have the yoke fully duplicate stitched, and the coat all sewn up by 10.00am tomorrow when Miss-turned-14-already-and still-hasn’t got-her-present arrives ….wish me luck!

2 responses to “Why Lilith loves Pilates ….

  1. Just as well it wasn’t a waterbed you dug those pins into! It’s looking good, enjoy the seaming.

    I find my tension does that too, so I try to keep anything which I suspect might go that way, well supported. I often sit at an outside table similar to what yours seems to be. It’s a better height than any other table around, and I don’t have acres of knitting dragging. It helps stop it dropping physically and because the dragging weight is not there, my knitting tension is easier to maintain.

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