Reader’s Digest …..

…. your friend and mine ….

I mentioned before that after returning more than 30 letters from our friend, marked “Remove my name from your mailing list”, I had put my name down on the Australian Direct Marketing Association’s web site for no more mail from them. I also emailed the customer service division of Reader’s Digest to that effect.

So …. I received:
* several more emails urging me to do whatever to ensure I might win;
* then this:

* then this – note the lack of identification of the sender, except for a PO Box number on the back – none of the usual hysterical messages urging immediate action etc:

(Do what I may, I can’t get rid of all that bold – maybe it’s the asterisks)

* then an email acknowledging my email and assuring me that although it might take twelve weeks for the mailings to stop, they would;
* then this:

Good Grief – my relationship with Readers digest has at last ended! I think I might miss them …. 😉


2 responses to “Reader’s Digest …..

  1. The fun and games I have had trying to finalise RD and get my father’s name off their lists……….., luckily they do not know his new address, and once the mail forwarding stops, maybe that will convince ’em.
    Dad is now in Hostel care, has Alzheimers, and cannot follow a written sentence from beginning to end. And for some reason I cannot fathom, he is distressed and irritated by RD.

    Gae, in Callala Bay

  2. Gosh don’t give them my address ;D

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