Tea cosies and talks ….

Last Friday I went to a talk at Hornsby Library by Loani Prior, author of Wild Tea Cosies as part of the marketing of her new book Really Wild Tea Cosies. The room was packed – I was surprised by the interest. Quokka (Ravelry name) was there and Chris from the Cherryhills Group, but no-one else that I could recognise.

Loani is a good speaker – she talked about her experiences of getting a book published – she was interesting and funny with little anecdotes about the process, and a demonstration of some of the things she has knitted . Part of her performance was a competition – the sort where everyone stands up and then sits down as you fail to meet certain criteria. The last person standing is the winner. About half sat down in response to “Sit down if you haven’t knitted since Christmas”, and in response to the second criterion all except three sat. Quokka was still standing and as the first then second of the three was eliminate, she became the winner. The prize? An amazing tea cosy knitted from a pattern in the new book – Quokka was quite rightly very chuffed about it.

The tea cosy competition was rather weak – there only about 5 very ordinary tea cosies entered. The winner was a black cosy with a red waratah on top. I’ll have to add that photo tomorrow – it is lost in all the documents on my desk top :-)2


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