Updates …

I’m way behind with my blogging program, but getting better at reducing the time I spend on the internet … beautiful Bargara will have to wait while I update a few things …

So .. Fungi .. this running-late-Friday’s-fungi foto was taken in Norway – – I can’t remember where, as our travel diary with our photo list was in a bag that was stolen in London on our way home. A big loss indeed. I have no idea what type of fungus this is. ?one of the bracket fungi? mrfricative identified one of my “lichen” as being a bracket fungi. And he sent a great link to a website of Irish fungi – check it out if you are a fungi fancier!

Reader’s Digest has continued to send emails and letters all with the misleading gumph that I have come to know and be fascinated by. I have put my name on the Direct Marketing Association’s “no mail from …” list, and I sent an email to Reader’s Digest requesting them to desist from further contact – surprisingly I got a reply!:

Thank you for your email request to be removed from our mailing list.

I have located an account in your name at the PO Box (A?C #C 7266 8932) and
have marked the record accordingly. As our mailing packages are prepared
up to 8-12 weeks in advance you may receive 2 – 3 more promotional offers
after which time they will cease.

I also checked the street address and was not able to find an account at
that address. If you should receive any mail at your street address can
you please email me and let me know the reference number.

Time will tell.

The birthday is in 3 days time, and I will not be finished in time. The skirt is done, waiting to be hand sewn, stitch by stitch to the yoke.
The yoke is blocked and in the process of being duplicate stitched. One sleeve is finished and the second yet to be started.

Birthday Boy
Not an update, but a happening. The baby and only boy of the family, all 6′ 5″ of him, turned 41 yesterday. How did this happen? When did he grow up? How can I be old enough to have a child that old? He finds his mother’s ramblings on this subject very amusing! So a belated happy birthday to the big boy flea. Thanks for being such a great son.

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