Wish me luck ….

….as you wave me goodbye … why do lines from songs keep popping into my head – often inappropriately – when I’m trying to think of a header for these posts?

I’m off for a few days, so won’t hear if the toy cabinet at the Easter Show collapsed under the weight of all the entries! Nor if Merrin won her ribbons. Good luck to all concerned.

When I get back in about a week’s time, I hope to have some beautiful Great Barrier Reef photos – if the cyclone has left anything to see. I’m also going to work on my internet addiction when I return….

Have fun, and keep knitting!

2 responses to “Wish me luck ….

  1. Oh gosh- I’m going on Saturday! Where are you going? We’re staying in Port Douglas. Arrive Saturday and leaving Good Friday!!

  2. Hi Lien
    We weren’t going as far as you – just to Bundaberg and Lady Elliot Island – left on the Friday and came back the following, Good Friday.

    We might have been on the same flight back to Sydney 🙂

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