Woolly Wednesday ….

…. at Cherryhills for the knitting group. We were bulging at the seams today – either we’re growing, or all Sue’s new wool is pushing us together. So all happily knitting away, when who should walk into the noise and knitting than Jen, – she of cobweb lace knitting fame – and hot on her heels came fellow Ravelers, FredAstep and 1funkyknitwit who fancied a bit of stash exploration. It was great to see them but I had to leave before them, so I didn’t get to see if they did enhance their stashes …. I think FredAstep was heading home with a new knitting book – the jacket he has his eye on is stunning. And 1funkyknitwit seemed rather taken with the new Zara multicolours …… I wait with bated breath for news. 🙂

Lilith is progressing well now – I only frog every 7th or 8th row now instead of every row! I’m way behind with the timetable though (all that frogging). And, I’ve only got one ball of yarn left, but still have at least a third of the skirt of the jacket, two sleeves and the lace collar to go ….. eeek! Sue doesn’t have the same dyelot left! I was intending to threaten Miss 14-when-she-receives-it with confiscation if I find it screwed up on her bedroom floor under three wet towels, 20 pages of crumpled homework, assorted pieces of dirty washing and the dog …. but given that the investment of $$ is growing to a very substantial amount, I think I’ll just say “on the floor”!


5 responses to “Woolly Wednesday ….

  1. I miss Cherryhills! But Sues shop is just not the sort of place you can relax with a curious two year old roaming about 🙂 One day, I’ll make it back!

  2. Shame about the wool evaporating before you had finished with it. Have you interrogated the wanted/looking for something thread on the Australian Knitters rav group?

    • I thought about it, Jen, but decided I’d just buy some so I could take it with me – I hope to knit on the plane and between flights – won’t get much done while we’re staying with the intended recipient!

  3. Another lovely day out at Sue’s ~ & yet another yarn haul ^-^

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