The sound of silence ….

…. it’s been very quiet around here lately – in fact I can’t believe that it’s the best part of a week since I posted. It’s been just a little bit busy. My only sibling, a baby brother, turned 60 last week and retired – he actually stopped work at the end of last year, but St Patrick’s Day was his official retirement. So there was much humphing and grumping about birthday celebrations. He didn’t want one. I knew that if he said he didn’t want one, and one was arranged, he just wouldn’t turn up. His friends knew this too, so arranged a surprise party (they’re braver than I am!), but the “St Patrick’s Day party” didn’t fool him and he advised all and sundry that they could have the party without him. Much unhappiness on all sides. Instead, he agreed to go to dinner last Saturday with a few friends – and his sibling. So we took off for Canberra to attend. Enough said. It was an enjoyable night for some of us, but for others, whose surprise had been cancelled, not so joyous. For the star of the show – an amazing good humour, all things considered.

It’s a shame we couldn’t maintain our youthful looks forever!

The previous weekend I had arranged for his three sons to come over for lunch – all at very short notice – hoping that their father would come too. Needless to say, father didn’t come – he had other “arrangements”, and only ONE of the three boys turned up – I wasn’t surprised or upset about this as I was expecting it – they had had a good role model and learnt their lessons well!! In many ways it was the best thing that could have happened, as I have seen very little of the boys over the years, and it was a great opportunity to catch up and get to know the youngest one and his delightful partner.

We also caught up with Grandpa Flea’s brother who lives in Canberra – so it was a very family oriented weekend.

We came home yesterday, intending to see the exhibition at the National Gallery on the way, but one look at the queue at 10.00am, stretching across the grass in the sun, was enough to deter us. We have been to the Musee D’Orsay in Paris, but didn’t linger there either because of the crowds. I can’t abide crowds and being cloistered in a gallery, standing on tippy toes to get a peek at the paintings, is not my idea of fun.

We did have some lovely walks along the bike tracks in the ACT – and saw quite a lot of FUNGI – but didn’t have the camera with us. My brother has a large she-oak in his garden, and a pair of King Parrots have made it their roost – it was like being in our old house again:

Then today it was up early and off to the other side of Sydney for Grandparents’ Day. What a delight – little people singing and clapping, and lots of cuddles. We were given two beautiful drawings of us, and Ms 8 read out a poem about her “Fle”. Unfortunately, we couldn’t hear it! The classroom was rather noisy and the voice very quiet, but I read it later and did the Grandma thing, wiping a little tear from my eye. I felt sorry for some of the children who didn’t have anyone there. A few parents came, because the grandparents couldn’t for whatever reason, but the little faces of those with no-one, looked very bereft.

Tomorrow, it’s knitting at Cherryhills. Lilith is coming along well now, so I’ll be able to work on that without too much trouble. I can’t believe that it’s only a week ago that I felt so grumpy. Maybe there won’t be a Wednesday Whinge tomorrow!

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