Friday fungi ….

Some more fungi fotos (couldn’t resist that one!). This will be a lucky dip – whatever is top of the list when I select a file:
– I
Aah so we have a lichen, taken in Canada – but I have neglected to note exactly where in Canada. It was on the east coast, possibly even in the bit of Canada that adjoins Alasksa – or maybe on Gabriella Island, although I don’t recall walking in damp areas there – or maybe in the Rockies which seems more likely. Take your pick 🙂

And another:
It looks like this tree won’t be long for this world with a growth like that. Whenever I see these plate fungi/lichen I always have great dreams of knitting a shawl from the photo – maybe one day ….

OOPs – I pushed “Publish” instead of “Draft” – so you’re having a sneak preview!


3 responses to “Friday fungi ….

  1. Here’s a link to a lovely picture. Fred First (real name) is a retired scientist/physiotherapist living on acres in the Appalachian Mountains. Much of his blog is about his observances of weather, pasture, seasons, insects etc. And fungi. He’s written a couple of quiet, sensitive books about the place and the importance of place and belonging. When I saw this photo, I thought of your photos.

  2. Hi Jan
    Fred’s blog is rather beautiful. I checked his first book out on Amazon and the preview pages are, as you say, quiet and sensitive. Thanks for sending me this link 🙂

  3. misterfricative

    I could be wrong, but I don’t think those are lichens; I think they’re bracket fungi.

    Here’s a Irish site which has some nice pics of both brackets and lichens.

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