Come into my parlour ….

said the spider to the fly …..

I’ve been enjoying the Autumn weather – and when not rambling around the neighbourhood, I’ve been enjoying the crisp nights – it’s cotton blanket time, after all those months of sleeping only with a sheet. Cosy as.

Autumn in our old house was always spider time – those great big fat spiders would always build webs across the pathways that we used most. There’s nothing worse than coming down a dark driveway and walking face first into them – wondering whether the spider had been sitting in the middle just waiting for you and where is it now! Frantically brushing the web away and hoping that the spider is still in a tree somewhere.

Despite the disadvantages of having a spider collection in the yard, I have always loved their webs, especially on dewy mornings when they glisten in the sunlight. So, I’m pleased to report that we are not alone here in our little courtyard – one of our spidery friends has found us. I ate breakfast outside the other day, watching the web billowing out like a sail in the breeze and marvelling at the thickness and strength of the anchoring threads. When the web billowed out, the spider which was sitting curled up, right in the middle, would suddenly come to life, spreading it’s legs out as if to haul the it back in. Magic.

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