Under the sun with Roxy …

Roxy is a beautiful woman who lives in Portland, Oregon. I first “met” her when I started blogging. Janette “introduced” us through our blogs. Roxy is a Master Knitter (TKGA) and a writer. Over the years I have bought her three books for my grand-daughter – although she only gets them after I’ve read them!

I can recommend them – the heroine is a young apprentice sorceress who is also a knitter! She knits magical items including a bag that is bigger on the inside than the outside and self heating gloves and socks – wouldn’t it be wonderful! Of course there is a handsome prince, evil doers and lots of adventures.

Janette and her partner have been entertaining Roxie and partner Kyle during their Sydney visit, and it is Janette who arranged lunch so that Roxy could meet her cyber friends – Rose Red and Grandma Flea alias -ME.

Thank you, Janette for arranging this. It was wonderful to meet Roxie and Kyle face-to-face, and to meet Rose Red.

The place where we had lunch today was Sous le Soleil in the Clanville Road park at Roseville. This is a treasure of a place – an old house, with tables outside under cover, looking out to the trees and green grass of the park. A small but more than adequate menu, and friendly, efficient service.

Sous le Soleil is housed in an old house typical of the area. Inside are four rooms full of beautiful French goodies – toiletries, home accessories and accessories/clothing for women and children, including some magical crocheted rattle toys – boats, elephants, mushrooms etc with a bell enclosed. Pricey, but beautiful. I didn’t indulge today, but will look there again closer to the end of the year when I’m buying cakes of soap etc.

I will certainly visit there again.

2 responses to “Under the sun with Roxy …

  1. It was so lovely to meet you too!

    • Thank you, Rose Red – (I can’t think of you any other way – it’s a beautiful nom-de-plume). I really enjoyed the day, especially meeting Roxie and being able to put your foot and your face together!

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