Wednesday whinges …. & Updates

I’m fast entering the “grumpy old women” scene … mess me with if you dare, today.

The day got off to a bad start when I heard the early morning news – overnight, a young Canadian man in a wheelchair was severely bashed at Mt Druitt railway station, and left in the lift (elevator) in a critical condition with a fractured skull. Today he is in intensive care. Who would do such a thing, you might ask – two young teenage boys, that’s who. One has been arrested, and the police are looking for the other – estimated age – between 12 and 16. What is the world coming to.

Reader’s Digest Update
Two more emails this week – the first, yesterday, with a subject heading: Prize Payment Pending For Half a Million Dollars – oh yeah?? For me and how many thousand other suckers?? In the body of the email, the exhortation to Prepare yourself GRANDMA FLEA… You could be our next winner!. To complete the picture, in case I didn’t appreciate the urgency, flashing instructions: ENTER ME NOW and in red, in case I didn’t realise just HOW close I am to being THE winner: PENDING.

The second, today – with a subject heading: GRANDMA FLEA, Are you our next major prize winner? Verify your status. In the body of the email, EXACTLY the same as yesterday – obviously I don’t appreciate how important their correspondence is, and how sorry I’ll be when I find out I’ve won, but DIDN”T VERIFY MY STATUS so am ineligible. I’m crying tears of blood at the thought – not.

The thing I found very interesting today and yesterday, are the hits on this blog coming from searches for Reader’s Digest and related topics – today the two searches were: readers digest remove from mailing list and reader’s digest $500,000 scam. There are obviously some fellow travellers out there 🙂

Lilith Update

Please Note: Photo is a scan from “The Knitter” Number 9.

I had finished the frill and the lace edging for the bottom of this jacket – until I attempted to knit them together as per the instructions. Unfortunately, I managed to mess this up and had to undo the joining line, during which I dropped a number of stitches from the frill – because of all the yarn overs, I had to frog back a couple of rows before I could pick up the stitches again. Then I spotted a mistake, a few rows below – a kspo done a stitch too late – nobody would ever have seen this under the lace edging, but could I let it be? NO! So I frogged down to it – dropped more stitches while picking up and …. it’s a bit like the last time I cut my daughter’s fringe when she was about 8 (she’s now 42). I will never forget it, as the fringe got shorter and shorter in my effort to get it even …. sooooo – the frill is now about 1/3 of the size it needs to be – I’ve put it away tonight and will tackle it tomorrow when I’m not tired and not watching TV. The birthday date is getting closer by the minute.

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