It came out of the blue ….

And I’m not talking a good surprise here. Two weeks ago I woke to find that I had a small red graze on the top of my nose. Mmmm – probably scratched myself in the night. But it didn’t scab over, it didn’t get better – it just sat there, staring back at me. It crossed my mind that it might be a skin cancer – but I hate and avoid the sun, to the extent that I have to take Vitamin D tablets – and as I said before – it wasn’t there when I went to bed, but greeted me in the morning. As we are going to Queensland for a week, very soon, I thought that I should have it checked out – and yup – it’s a very early skin cancer. I’m actually not too sure if it’s a precursor, or a cancer itself, as both were mentioned. In any case, it was given a rather heavy hit of liquid nitrogen and I now have a big blister on the top of my nose. If, when the blister subsides, there is any sign of it, it’s straight off to the dermatologist for a biopsy.

Oh, and wear a hat – but I get too hot (said in a whingy voice ) – get a sun visor then. Mmmm, I think I’ll go back to carrying an umbrella which I often do when it’s not raining – because I get too hot – and it gives me a little shade without giving me heatstroke, as a hat is wont to do. I’ll probably have to wear sun block on my nose too – I can’t wear it on my face proper, as it rolls off my forehead in the sweat and into my eyes, and it gives me a massive itch on my cheeks. Perhaps I should consider getting one of those triangle things that go over the nose, with two bits of elastic that hook around the ears.

I tell you, getting old isn’t much fun in the bodily department. What with the bunions, hammer toes, orthotics and the lace up shoes or velcro fastened sandals (shoes used to be my love when I was young and foolish enough to wear the fashionable ones that ruined my feet) ; the lack of perfume or foundation because of allergies; the lack of mascara because of sore eyes; the lack of clothes because of encroaching tides of obesity; it’s hard to feel feminine anymore.

I blame this latest assault of age on getting healthy. Ordered to walk because of my health, I am getting more sun each day than I’d normally get in a month. It’s hard to exercise carrying an umbrella!

Just goes to prove that I was right – I’ve ALWAYS said exercise is bad for you!

6 responses to “It came out of the blue ….

  1. 😦

    i like umbrellas for the sun, too.

  2. Hope it turns out ok – sending good vibes your way!

    • Thanks Isabel. I’m sure it’s nothing to worry about – you see old people with crusty bits all over them where the dermatologist has gone mad with his/her freeze bottle – the surprise was that I’m now one of them! Bugger!

  3. Hope the freezing thing works! Thinking of you and sending all good thoughts.

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