Friday fungi … & Updates

Another Norwegian fungi photo. I love the contrast of the colours here. This photo reminds me a little – just a little – of a spectacular set of fungi photos on misterfricative’s blog – check out the set called “Fruiting bodies” – while you’re there, check out the blog – mister fricative has a very quirky sense of humour – I love it.

UPDATE – Flood
As our house dried out, some of the floorboards started to warp – obviously there was a lot more water than we originally thought. We have still to get a quote on the repair, so the insurance issues remain to be sorted. Although the developer has assured us that the flooding occurred because the residents didn’t keep the drains clear, and we in return have assured him that the drain was clear, he is bringing a hydraulic engineer to look at the drainage, just in case we get a 1 in 100 year downpour …..

UPDATE – Reader’s Digest
Don’t run away – I won’t bore you with the details again – but today I received another email from Readers Digest, this time offering wine. It’s unbelievable, isn’t it?

Have a good weekend 🙂

One response to “Friday fungi … & Updates

  1. I’ve been pondering about this very much… it sure raises a few questions..

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