I’ve been programmed …..

Neurolinguistic programming (NLP) for weight loss – the last stop for a desperate dieter – well, just desperate as the dieting doesn’t work – well, it might if I stuck to it religiously for the rest of my life.

So today I was programmed – not a bit like I thought it would be. My previous experiences with NLP were when I was still working – the first at a workshop on quality assurance – NLP was supposed to help our communication skills, but it semed to me to be a form of manipulation. The second was with someone on a senior executive training program in the Australian Public Service who was loosed on our office to write a report about God-knows-what. He had just been to a NLP workshop and practised it in a very non-subtle way on anyone who sat still long enough to be caught. That experience confirmed my earlier suspicions.

However, today was quite different – it seemed very New Age – lots of guided visualisations and exercises with a partner. Time will tell if it works – as they say, a picture tells a thousand words – I’ll post the “before” and “after” if it does.

I’m not sure where NLP and self-hypnosis begin and end. We had a really dramatic exercise, visualising our favourite troublesome food and our most disgusting food – then we located where our mind pictures were in space. Our partner in the exercise then did an almost laying on of hands and moved our troublesome food to the disgusting food place. In my case, chocolate was moved to the fish area (someone else chose brains – even more disgusting!) This was repeated 6 times and then we were asked how we felt about our troublesome food – without exception, we all now associated it with the disgusting taste – I actually felt like gagging! Does this say more about the power of NLP or my susceptibility to suggestion?

Care to test it out? Drop by my place with a large box of chocolates and I’ll tell you if it works! 🙂


2 responses to “I’ve been programmed …..

  1. Of course you jest … yes?

    Do you really think for one moment any of your friends would make it to your place with a large box of chocolates!

    Good thing I was not there today, as I love chocolate coated fish – yum! 🙂

  2. Ooooh! I’ll remember that when we have lunch! – tuna or salmon? 🙂

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