Temptation – thy name is Cherryhills …

Sunday was the first day of the sale at my LYS Cherryhills and there were temptations by the bagful. Fortunately, outside the shop, I bumped into someone I knew from the Cherryhills Wednesday Knitting Group – she was talking to someone I didn’t know and I spent the next two hours sitting, doing the knitter-knatter and drinking coffee with a delightful bunch of people from the Inner City Group of the Knitters’ Guild. What fun!

By the time I got into the shop, it was nearly closing time! so I was saved from myself. But I still managed to fit in some Jo Sharp Aran Tweed in black/grey/white, a wool/silk and cashmere mix ; and some Patons Washed Haze – a cotton/acrylic 10 ply in a pretty blue Both are earmarked for jackets/cardis for me. And … two balls of Rowan Calmer to make the Anthropologie-Inspired Capelet for one of the grandfleas 🙂 As a matter of interest, there were two “old” balls of Calmer in the shop, and a packet of new – the balls looked quite different in size and texture – the labels revealed that the “old” balls were 75% cotton and 25% acrylic/microfibre. The new balls are 80% cotton and 20% acrylic (or similar) with no microfibre. The yarn in the new balls was much thinner, less springy, and hence the balls were much more tightly wound, and to me there was no comparison with the softness of the “old” ones. Is this a case of cost-cutting by Rowan, or did the acrylic/microfibre mix become unavailable? The retail price was the same. So which did I buy? You’re right! Lucky there were two left!

Feeling rather guilty about my inability to resist temptation (when, as Grandpa Flea is wont (?want) to point out, I have so much yarn that I could knit all day, everyday for the rest of my life and still not use it up) I was very conflicted yesterday when I read Knitabulous blog and her announcement that the new Sock and Shawl Club is now available for purchase, the colour theme being “Black Japan”. Now, Japan and all things Japanese are another not-so-secret love in my life – so, although I don’t knit socks (well, one pair only – with great difficulty) and I don’t knit laceweight shawls, I just had to have that yarn! Temptation had called again and I fell into her arms without so much as a whimper. It looks like I might have to get out my box of sox materials and break open the Lucy Neatby DVD on how to knit them. 🙂


4 responses to “Temptation – thy name is Cherryhills …

  1. Miss Fee came up with the perfect acronym for the state of having too much yarn – SABLE. Stash Accumulated Beyond Life Expectancy. I fear I may suffer from the same condition.

  2. Ailsa’s yarns and colours are wonderful. I joined too as I was so pleased with the Indian summer package. glad to see you blogging again. I used to read before you moved.

    • Hi Jan,
      Thank you for your comment. I’m afraid this blog is different from my old one, as I don’t have the wildlife – except for the redback spiders and cockroaches – I think there must have been nests of them here when they excavated!

      I saw some of PomPom’s Knitabulous yarn and it was beautiful, so that added weight to the temptation! I’m looking forward to the first delivery.

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