The Friday fungus ….

Having foisted my fungi affair onto the unsuspecting world, I have decided to restrain my indulgence to once a week – voila!

I would class these as “fairy fungi” but I’m sure that scientists don’t use that classification! Does anyone know what the proper name is? I took the photo in Norway last year in mid-September.

6 responses to “The Friday fungus ….

  1. I am sure fairy fungi is a scientific term.

  2. … and how did wordpress get that accurate picture of me (with cat hiding behind) for my comment!

  3. It is all a mystery to me, Jen – I blame the fairy dust!

  4. If you can have fairy rings, I don’t see why you can’t have fairy fungus…

    But I think in fact it’s probably fly agaric.

  5. It is late – I should have checked my own reference to Wikipedia – it says the common name for this fungus is ‘fly agaric’ – duh!

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