Done it again … & Breaking News

Done it again!
You may notice a slight difference ROFL to the appearance of the blog, today. I did it again, I’m afraid. Instead of writing my post, I started to fiddle about with the themes to see if I could get rid of a few pesky words that were bothering me – BUT – I accidentally pressed the “Activate” button, instead of the preview button …. and this is the result. Bummer! But it will have to stay until I find the old theme again 🙂

Breaking News – Yarn Sale at Cherryhills
Sue has just rung to say that she is having a one week sale, starting on Sunday, 21st February from 10am – 3pm. The rest of the week will be normal shop hours. For Sunday only, there will be 20% off Noro, Sublime and Zara. As Sue’s prices are less than some others around, that makes for good buying – and sniff, sniff, I’ll probably be in Melbourne!

2 responses to “Done it again … & Breaking News

  1. Is Cherryhills open on Sundays now?

  2. Hi Pamela,
    No, not usually, the Sunday opening is for the first day of the sale only. I think that there will be nibblies and champagne too, on the Sunday – but don’t hold me to it.

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