“The rain, rain, rain, came down, down, down

and washed right into piglet’s house” ….. except this time it washed right into Fleapa’s house. A few blogs ago I talked about the “calm before the storm” -but I wasn’t expecting the storm that broke right over our place, last night. Lightning flashes followed by almost immediate thunderclaps – the gods were really cranky.

The rain poured down, and the Fleapas were very happily watching TV and knitting (yes, we should have turned it off – but you know how it is in the middle of a row – and another ….), turning the volume up at each thunder clap :-). When the worst of the deluge was over our neighbour rang. The bin bay was flooded and the bins all overturned and floating around! What a funny sight. Commonsense prevailed and we decided to deal with it in the morning when we could see.

A few minutes later, another call. The neighbours’ back courtyard was flooded up to the door, which he couldn’t open without flooding the house. So we checked ours – yup – flooded. But when we went to check the garage under the house, worse was revealed. The flood in our side courtyard had run straight under the door in the hallway and down the carpeted stairway. Yikes! We had had a problem before, with water coming in and wetting the stairs, but the builder had fixed that leak.

When we eventually got down to the garage which we share with our neighbour, there was water coming in through the concrete slab in any number of places. In the past we have had some wet patches on the besser block walls, as the gardens in the courtyards are built on the slab, but this was incredible. All I could think of was “concrete cancer!!”. I have no idea WHAT concrete cancer is, but imagine it is the rusting out of the wire that strengthens the concrete.

After we’d dried the stairs as best we could with towels, we had an afterthought – maybe the storeroom under the stairs had a leak? Leak did I say? It was flooded too! The water had run through gaps in the concrete stairs and was an inch deep on the floor. How lucky we were that it hadn’t had time to seep right through a box of old family photographs from Great Grandmaflea.

When the gods get angry, they don’t mess around. Sloshing around with (more) towels – glad I bought new ones when we moved šŸ™‚ – the lights went out! Pitch black in the basement. Eventually we found some torches, finished mopping up the storeroom and went to bed, taking bets as to whether we would have any power in the morning (we do!!).

Today, we learned that one of our other neighbours came home to find her living room flooded and her carpet and lounge ruined. She rang the builder who suggested that the drain in the courtyard must have been blocked. Pass the buck please. But no, the drainage is inadequate for what the radio reported this morning as a once in 5 year event (our complex is 2 years old). So we’ll be on to said builder ourselves as soon as we can – oh, did I mention that the phones are out in the entire complex? – except for ours which is so crackly I can only just hear the recorded voice at GIO tell me that my call is important to me, so please be patient for the next 20 minutes. I can’t use the mobile, because we have very intermittent reception here – usually none, unless we stand on the barbecue table. Thanks Telstra – or Vodaphone – whichever of you is responsible for the reception problems.

Small bikkies in the grand scheme of things. A flea-bite – not even that – compared with the Haitian disaster and any number of daily disasters that affect people all over the world who have no or little resources.


4 responses to ““The rain, rain, rain, came down, down, down

  1. snap.
    except my house is all on 1 ‘ level’, the water ran down the drive, and the gutter couldn’t cope. i was watching the level creep ever closer to the door sill. fortunately opening the back of the garage let most of the water run right through and out the back. pity about the cardboard box of fabric that i had left sitting on the concrete floor of the garage. pee-uuu.

  2. Commiserations, Jen. What a pain. Has it ever happened before?

    The only thing to do with the fabric, is wash it – straight away before it grows mould and drape it around your house – anything that stands still, gets draped! Then give the Museum of Contemporary Art a ring about your “installation” inspired by Christo.

    I hope you don’t lose any of it (the fabric i.e). Lucky that you could let most (the water i.e.) out through the garage.

  3. There was a good downpour at my place too – gutters overflowing again and more evidence that the stormwater drain is blocked (I thought so last weekend but have been away all week at year 7 camp). Have cleared gutters and confirmed two drain blockages… Calling my landlord on Monday. So lucky it doesn’t inun

  4. Hi Jen,
    I hope you didn’t have any water inside – especially on/in your stash! We’ve just discovered more water inside – it appears to have come through the ventilation slits in the outside bricks – which is what happened at our neighbours. The skirting boards look swollen and have separated from the wall at the top ….. more fun.

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