Encycopedia of Me Meme: X is for ……eXtraordinary

It’s eXtraordinary what crisis and change reveals about people – good and bad aspects of their nature that you had not appreciated in the ordinary turn of events.

We have had a lot of help from friends and family – and as always, when the crunch comes, have discovered who our true friends are. Disappointing to find that someone you would move heaven and earth to help, because of your friendship, is not prepared to move out of their own way to do you even a small favour. It’s a bit reminiscent of when Gpa Flea had cancer, 11 years ago – all sorts of unexpected people came out of the woodwork to lend their support, moral and physical, while someone we thought was amongst our closer friends showed their true colours in a quite unnecessary and hurtful way. That sounds a bit judgmental – it IS judgmental, but the hurt lingers long after the event. However life moves on and we don’t take those people on our journey. (See why I find blogging so demanding? – the potential to be misunderstood is enormous – do I sound bitter and twisted? I hope not – just disappointed.)

The photo is the Flea family – minus the little Fleas, whose faces I don’t like to expose to the world at large. The biggest Flea (third biggest in height, biggest in age) is in the purple jumper, second biggest (actually the biggest but second oldest) has the goatee, third biggest (but second tallest) is in the heavy duty jacket while Gpa and Gma Flea are the two oldies. Clear as mud? They have been a great help and support. They all came home to this house as newborns and did all their growing up in it, but have all said their goodbyes. Gpa Flea is a bit short-tempered and I’m sure it’s because he’s sad to be going, but he seems excited at the prospect of moving into the new place – he’s a stoic like his Mum. My dear neighbour came down today and was quite upset and I felt a bit guilty that I’m so happy to be leaving – although I will miss some of the neighbours and our beautiful wildlife. Our two lovely young male neighbours have been so helpful with lifting things for us, and on Friday night had a good-bye neighbourhood get-together for us – we are only moving one station away, so we’ll have no trouble staying in touch.

One response to “Encycopedia of Me Meme: X is for ……eXtraordinary

  1. I really do hope that you make lots of wonderful friends in your new place, and I am sure it will be exciting. Your family looks lovely, and your right, you do find out who your real friends are in times of change.

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